Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Over the past 2 1/2 years our family has used compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs in our home.  We converted all of our light bulbs to CFL in hopes that we would be able to save money on our electric bill, which can be very high in the summer months in Las Vegas.  At the time, CFL bulbs were relatively expensive selling for anywhere from $3.99 to $5.99 each.  The manufacturer claimed that the bulb would last 10 years, so when I did the math it would save us money in the long run.  On the Energy Star website it claims that CFL’s last 10x longer than regular light bulbs. However, this is not the case. Continue reading

Why I Dislike Personal Trainers

I workout at the gym at least five times during the week.  On some occasions I will workout twice in a day….so I’m in the gym a lot.  I’ve been on this workout schedule for approximately five years now.  I workout at two different gyms, 24 Hour Fitness & the Stirling Club.  Over the past year I’ve developed a strong dislike for personal trainers because of the behavior I’ve witnessed at both gyms.  I don’t have a personal trainer and have only trained with one once, back in 1991.

So, you might be asking yourself, why do I dislike them?  Here’s why: Continue reading

Phil Jackson To Come Back and Coach The Lakers

Fox Sports just reported that Phil Jackson will return to coach the Lakers for one more year, Thank God!  As a lifelong Laker’s Fan, I am very happy to have him back.  There were so many reasons for him to return, here a just a few:

  1. To attempt to win a 4th set of Three-peat championships.
  2. To attempt to win a record 12 NBA Championships as head coach.
  3. The challenge of putting together a team and inspiring them to play for another championship.
  4. To give Brian Shaw another year to get seasoned and primed to be the heir apparent to his coaching spot.

Now, I hope they can come to terms with his contract and start working on solidifying the roster for next year.

Only In Las Vegas – Part II

So, the other day when I saw the guy in the Spiderman outfit, I thought that would be the only crazy guy I’d see for a while.  Boy, was I wrong!  Just today I saw this guy in a Little Ceasar’s Pizza suit on the corner of Ft Apache Rd & Spring Mtn Rd promoting a new pizza place, LOL!  It was 109 degrees again today…..the nut jobs keep on coming!  I love living in Las Vegas!

First Spiderman, now Caesar! Who's next?

Only in Las Vegas – Part I

So I’m driving down the Las Vegas Strip the other day with my Son heading to Planet Hollywood to grab lunch at The Earl of Sandwich and we see this guy in a Spiderman costume.  Keep in mind that it’s 109 degrees here!  This is the part of living in Vegas that I love the most……people watching.  Only in Vegas !

109 Degrees in Vegas & he's in a Spiderman Suit, Classic!

USC EMBA Program – Year 1 Reflection

It has been two weeks now since the end of the first year of the USC EMBA program.  Now that I’m on Summer break I have time to reflect on the past year.  Here are my quick thoughts on various areas of the experience. Continue reading – Amazing Culture, Amazing Results

I’ve toured the Zappos corporate headquarters in Henderson, NV twice.  The first time was almost two years ago (, while I was employed by the Las Vegas Hilton.  The most recent visit was last week, with a group of USC EMBA classmates.  The tours are FREE and open to the public, Mon-Thu.  You must call in advance to reserve a spot because they often fill up quickly.  What struck me was that the culture hasn’t changed much since the two visits. Continue reading