Day 2 – 365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s the 2nd day of my 365 day Thanksgiving challenge.  It would be too easy to say thanks for the UNLV win over North Carolina in basketball or the USC win over UCLA in football as both schools are my alma mater.  However, that’s not the spirit of this challenge.  I want it to be more than that. Continue reading

365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

After reading an article on Yahoo! about Demi Moore’s Thanksgiving Tweet, I decided to create a challenge for myself to say thanks every day for 365 days.  (Don’t ask me why I read that article, I’m not one to follow celebrity news.  It was a fluke.) I’m sure this isn’t the 1st time someone has thought about this, but it’s the 1st time I’ve felt motivated to do something like this. Continue reading

Home Run, DealFind, Amazon Local…are they just extensions of Groupon & Living Social?

First it was Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken.  Now, I’m seeing other deal websites pop up like weeds.  Recently, I’ve discovered Home Run, DealFind, and Amazon Local. Continue reading

Wendy’s Burger Makeover

After reading an article on Yahoo! yesterday about Wendy’s making changes to it’s burger, I decided to give it a try.  My prior visit to a Wendy’s wasn’t a pleasant experience.  It was about 7 months ago at their downtown San Diego location.  The burgers were small and didn’t taste fresh.  Overall, it was a bad experience.  That was not the case yesterday… Continue reading

USC EMBA – Post program reflection

It’s been 2 years since I started the USC EMBA program and 4 months since graduation.   I’m beginning to feel a little empty because I’m no longer traveling to Southern California every other weekend to attend class.  I don’t have reading assignments, case studies, and homework to complete.  I don’t have the opportunity to have conversations with my classmates & professors… Continue reading