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  1. Hi Peter, I saw an article about last Nov’s PubCon and you were part of a panel on Social Media as used by the LV Strip properties.

    It was noted that in your answer, you mentioned attending a certain conference in Dallas that took you from 0 to 100 in social media. I have recently been handed a bunch of social media responsibilities @ my company and am trying to spin up as fast as possible. Suggestions? Your favorite websites/seminars?

  2. Peter

    I found your Twitter feed through some other folks and have followed. I have a question for you. We launched a web site this week for employers and employees to meet online – free. But I don’t know how to grow a Twitter network like you have – how in the world did you get so many followers? Really Appreciate advice.


    • Hi Greg. Thanks for the note. Size of network is relative….I don’t consider my network to be that large. At the end of the day, does it matter? As long as you are building a network that both you and your network get something out of it, I think it’s a success.

      To answer your question directly, I don’t have any one size fits all solution to growing a network other than to suggest that you stay active and interact on a regular basis with your network. I think it helps that I’m in Las Vegas and I get a lot of auto-bots that follow me because I’m on some kind of list or something. Vegas is a popular destination.

      As a general rule, I follow back everyone who follows me, although it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Follow as many interesting people as you can and engage them in conversation…..meaningful conversation. I respond to 99.9% of messages sent to me….It’s not 100% because I’m not perfect….I’m sure I miss a mention or two from time to time.

      Best of luck with your new site. I look forward to seeing you around Twitter and other networks!


  3. Peter,
    You and I met when you had and i was doing, not sure how i just stumbled across your site but it looks great.

    Let’s setup a link exchange. Do you have any other sites that you are operating now?

    We actually just hired a media manager and are working towards maintaining a total of 8 Las Vegas travel and entertainment sites so our opportunities for link exchange are looking good.

    Let me know what you think, thanks!


  4. Hey Roger –

    Since you are so popular in the local twittersphere, wanted to offer two VIP passes to an upcoming competition where local draught masters will go head to head with the winner going on to compete nationally in Boston.

    What began as a city-wide search for the best local draught master will come to a head at the Stella Artois Las Vegas Regional Draught Master competition on Wednesday, August 25. Part talent and part passion, competitors from around the region will showcase Stella Artois’ signature 9-Step Pouring Ritual, designed to give consumers the best taste and experience.

    We’d love for you and a friend to attend to get a better feel for the unique Stella Artois experience.

    Let me know if you’d be interested.


    Kim Goedeker
    Senior Account Executive
    314-552-6740 (office)
    314-707-8241 (cell)

    • Kim – I love how you call me Roger…..ha! Do you even know what website you posted this comment on? Or the person you are attempting to contact?

      Peter aka “Roger”

  5. Hello Peter,

    It is obvious to me that you are doing well in Social Media and many look to you for advice. Have you come across the information on Influence People’s International Social Media events? They’ll be in Vegas on January 12, 2011 and have some speakers I believe you would be interested in.

    I linked this comment to a post about the session David Koloski and Eric Petersen of Caesars Entertainment are doing on how they use Social Media for business development and brandraising for the Hospitality and Gaming Industry.

    Would you consider getting the word out to anyone you know who might be interested? If you wanted to do a ticket giveaway or wanted a ticket yourself just let me know. I haven’t been to Vegas since I left IBM years ago so I don’t have many contacts out there these days.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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