Monthly Archives: June 2010

USC EMBA Program – Year 1 Reflection

It has been two weeks now since the end of the first year of the USC EMBA program.  Now that I’m on Summer break I have time to reflect on the past year.  Here are my quick thoughts on various areas of the experience. Continue reading – Amazing Culture, Amazing Results

I’ve toured the Zappos corporate headquarters in Henderson, NV twice.  The first time was almost two years ago (, while I was employed by the Las Vegas Hilton.  The most recent visit was last week, with a group of USC EMBA classmates.  The tours are FREE and open to the public, Mon-Thu.  You must call in advance to reserve a spot because they often fill up quickly.  What struck me was that the culture hasn’t changed much since the two visits. Continue reading

Pro Sports Drafts – Why Don’t They Follow Up?

I love sports.  I grew up watching the Big 3 American sports, Football, Baseball, and Basketball.  Sorry Hockey & Soccer fans, while those sports are large in their own right, I don’t consider them among the Big 3 in the US. Continue reading

I Bought An iPad

Ok, I broke down and bought an iPad.  The analytical software that my new company uses for business intelligence has an iPad/iPhone app.  Since I don’t need another phone and I dislike AT&T, I purchased the iPad. Continue reading