USC EMBA – Post program reflection

It’s been 2 years since I started the USC EMBA program and 4 months since graduation.   I’m beginning to feel a little empty because I’m no longer traveling to Southern California every other weekend to attend class.  I don’t have reading assignments, case studies, and homework to complete.  I don’t have the opportunity to have conversations with my classmates & professors…

When I applied to the program back in the fall of 2008, graduation seemed like a long way away.  The US economy was in the middle of crisis and uncertainty was (and still is) in the public consciousness.

Fast forward  3 years…I’m reflecting back on the decision I made 3 yrs ago.  Was it the right decision for me?

The short answer:  Yes it was.

Not only did I get a great education, but I’ve made some great, life-long friends.  I’m in contact with around 30% out of 54 of my classmates.  The friendship and bonds that you make while going through the program is priceless.  Career changes, challenges in the workplace, new business ideas, help with feasibility analysis, and countless other topics…we’re there for each other.  Not only that, but our families spend time together as well.

Now that September has arrived and this is the first time I don’t get to see them on a bi-weekly basis, it’s beginning to sink in that the program is over…at least the formal part of the program is over.  The impact of the program will last forever.  Now that I have all this time back, I spend it with my family at home.  What a great 2 yrs it has been!

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