Wendy’s Burger Makeover

After reading an article on Yahoo! yesterday about Wendy’s making changes to it’s burger, I decided to give it a try.  My prior visit to a Wendy’s wasn’t a pleasant experience.  It was about 7 months ago at their downtown San Diego location.  The burgers were small and didn’t taste fresh.  Overall, it was a bad experience.  That was not the case yesterday…

I ordered a 1/4 lb Single from the menu at one of the Scottsdale locations.  When I received it, I immediately noticed a difference, it was larger than the burger I had several months ago.  I unwrapped the burger and noticed that the signature square patty was still there, but as the article described it was thicker and less defined.  After the first bite, I could taste the difference and identified other qualities that were pointed out in the article.  The cheese was melted and tasted better.  I also tasted the red onions, which added a burst of flavor into the burger.  The new mayo and pickles were also very good.

The major change I couldn’t distinguish was the toasted & buttered bun.  I’m not sure if they forgot to toast it, but to me the bun wasn’t much different than the one I had several months ago.  I’ll have to give another location a try to see if I can taste it.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience for a fast food joint.  I’m always a fan of brands who make changes to their product when faced with increased competition.  Wendy’s has plenty of old and new rivals.  Kudos to their company for putting up a fight.

Have you tried their new burger?  Would love to hear what you think.

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