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Day 4 – 365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s the 4th day of my 365 day Thanksgiving challenge.  After another long day in the office, this was an easy one for me to think of.  My wife is very supportive of my career and professional life.  Without that support, it would make my workday difficult. Continue reading

Day 3 – 365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s the 3rd day of my 365 day Thanksgiving challenge.  This one came to me as I was sitting in church listening to our pastor give his weekly homily. Continue reading

Day 2 – 365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s the 2nd day of my 365 day Thanksgiving challenge.  It would be too easy to say thanks for the UNLV win over North Carolina in basketball or the USC win over UCLA in football as both schools are my alma mater.  However, that’s not the spirit of this challenge.  I want it to be more than that. Continue reading

365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

After reading an article on Yahoo! about Demi Moore’s Thanksgiving Tweet, I decided to create a challenge for myself to say thanks every day for 365 days.  (Don’t ask me why I read that article, I’m not one to follow celebrity news.  It was a fluke.) I’m sure this isn’t the 1st time someone has thought about this, but it’s the 1st time I’ve felt motivated to do something like this. Continue reading

Do you trust Wikipedia?

When I need to check or verify a piece of information, I like most people born after 1970, use the internet.  The first place I go to is Google.  Usually, the 1st listing in the organic search listing of sites is Wikipedia.  You might disagree with me, but I don’t trust Wikipedia.

I don’t know, there is something about getting information from a source that is dependent upon the accuracy of the public to update and maintain the integrity of the information that bothers me.  I have met many people who have found discrepancies on the site.  Since I don’t use the site very often, I don’t know of any discrepancies off the top of my head that I can point out.

So, I am curious if you find Wikipedia to be a trusted source of information.  Would love to hear your feedback.