Day 8 – 365 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge

It’s the 8th day of my 365 day Thanksgiving challenge.  It’s beginning to cool down a little in Scottsdale.  Then it dawned on me that it’s December 2nd!

Day 8 – Thanks for the awesome weather.  December 2nd and it’s in the mid-60’s during the day and low to mid-40’s at night.  This is great weather!  When I lived in Vegas I thought we had the best weather in the country.  However, the weather in Scottsdale is awesome.  This town gets better every day.  Now if the restaurants and bars can just stay open late…

365 Countdown

  1. Thanks for the life I’ve had.
  2. Thanks for the hospitality of our favorite server.
  3. Thanks for freedom to practice my faith.
  4.  Thanks for my wife’s understanding and support.
  5. Thanks for my health.
  6. Thanks for making it through my teenage years.
  7. Thanks for my mom.
  8. Thanks for the awesome weather.

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