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I Bought An iPad

Ok, I broke down and bought an iPad.  The analytical software that my new company uses for business intelligence has an iPad/iPhone app.  Since I don’t need another phone and I dislike AT&T, I purchased the iPad. Continue reading

Apple iPad – Quick Thoughts

I am a recent Mac convert and not a full blown Mac Fanatic.  In August 2009 I became a Mac User when I purchased a 13.5″ MacBook Pro prior to attending the USC Executive MBA program.  At the time, Apple had a “Going Back to School” promotion which gave students who purchased a MacBook Pro a complimentary 16 GB iPod Touch.  After decades of being a dedicated Windows user, I finally crossed over.

I really enjoy the Mac & iPod Touch experience, so when I heard that the iPad was arriving in stores Easter weekend, I decided to visit one and see what all the commotion was about.

Continue reading