Hawaii Bound

I will be in Hawaii on a business trip in a couple of weeks.  Very excited to be going back to the Islands.

It has been 4 years since the last trip.  Last time it was a family vacation, this time it’s business.  Milena is coming along with me.  She will be vacationing while I’m working….lucky girl.

Apartment 3 - Honolulu, HI

Apartment 3 - Honolulu, HI

While we are there, I plan to host a Tweetup at a new hot spot in Honolulu, Apartment 3.  Thanks to Christine Hitt from Honolulu Magazine, I’ve made contact with one of the owners of the club and I am looking forward to putting on a great event.  Christine is attempting to put together live streaming of the event, which should be fun.

I will post pictures and a follow up report when I return.

2 responses to “Hawaii Bound

  1. Aloha Peter!

    FYI- Twitter is working great for you! This is a email I got from a contact in Atlanta.

    Michael, I saw this on Twitter this morning and thought you might want to
    check it out to see if there was a way for you to network for the restaurant
    at this thing. My trade show business follows the Vegas Hilton and they
    follow us.

    LasVegasHiltonAloha! We’re going to Hawaii! To host our 1st off property
    Tweetup. Tell your friends. http://bit.ly/4reItV Wed 8/26, 6pm #lvhitwtup

    Hope to see you at the Tweetup!

    @mahalomichael & @tikisgrill

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