I Bought An iPad

Ok, I broke down and bought an iPad.  The analytical software that my new company uses for business intelligence has an iPad/iPhone app.  Since I don’t need another phone and I dislike AT&T, I purchased the iPad.

I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago right after the launch of the iPad with the comment that I wouldn’t have any use for it and that it was too much of a “tweener” device (between a cell phone and a laptop).  Well, I will eat my words and take that back.  I absolutely love my iPad!

I still wish it had more memory and could run Microsoft Office, but it’s a gem.  Watching movies on it is incredible.  I watch movies on the plane, in the airport, at the gym while I’m on the elliptical, and at a coffee shop if I’m dining alone.  The picture quality is amazing and the Netflix app works like a charm.

Despite my dislike for AT&T, I like their month by month data plan and for $29.99 you get unlimited data.  Good stuff.

6 responses to “I Bought An iPad

  1. I adore my iPad. Glad you like it! Are you just watching movies over Netflix or are you using iTunes as well?

    • Kristi – Thanks for the comment. I watch movies using both the Netflix app & iTunes. I just watched Fletch this morning on Netflix while I was working out and watched Scarface on iTunes on my last flight from San Diego last weekend. I love it. Do you have any cool applications that you can share?

  2. I love the ABC TV viewer. I wish CBS and NBC had it but I suppose I have to wait for Hulu to come on with their subscription service. http://www.wolf-howl.com/ has some good posts regarding how he uses his iPad for catching up on blog posts as well.

    I’m getting ready to go on a plane flight and I only have the wifi version. I believe I can rent the movie and download it so the kids can watch it in the air… I love it though! It’s so comfy to sit around with and read on.

  3. I broke down and bought one too, and love it. I can see why it’s so hot right now, it’s really a game changer

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