Beer, Wine, or Scotch?

I enjoy a nice glass of beer, wine, or scotch every once in a while.  The drink of choice depends upon what I am doing at that particular moment.  I enjoy a glass of beer when I’m watching a game at the ballpark, at a BBQ, or while I’m waiting for my plane at the airport (which I am doing right now by the way).  Some of my favorite beers are:

Rolling Rock
Hefeweizen (with a slice of Orange)
Dos Equis
Miller Lite (yes, I watch the calories from time to time)

When I go out with my wife, I enjoy a glass of wine, or two, or three.  Yes, I enjoy wine.  Red wine is my wine of choice.  There’s nothing like a Cabernet with strong flavors of pepper or berry with a nice meal.  Zinfandel and Syrah are a close 2nd and 3rd in my book.  I will drink red wine no matter what I eat.  I know some people will say that is sacrilege, but it is a preference of mine. I am by no means a connoisseur, and I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on wine.  Some of my favorites are:

Seghesio Zinfandel
J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet
Zaca Mesa Black Bear Syrah

Now, when I’m having a drink with my boss, who happens to be a Scotch connoisseur, I will have a glass or two.  I have learned to appreciate this spirit.  When I was younger, I tried the blended scotch and it didn’t sit well with me.  However, after my boss introduced me to Single Malt Scotch, I changed my tune and now I enjoy a nice single malt from time to time.  The flavors of butterscotch and peat over just a little bit of ice is tasty.  This is a drink that I can’t have too often as it is not an every day drink for me.  The only blended scotch whiskey I can drink is Chivas Regal.  Some of my favorites are:

10 yr, 12 yr, 15 yr The Macallan
Chivas Regal

Other spirits I enjoy from time to time are Tequila, Vodka, and Irish Whiskey….but I’ll save that for another post.  What is your drink of choice?  If you don’t drink alcohol, what do you like to drink?  Please join the conversation, I would love to hear from you.

18 responses to “Beer, Wine, or Scotch?

  1. I’d go with wine ..

    I am not really a big fan of scotch and there are so many kinds of beers that I just dont feel like tasting them and discovering which one I like.

    Red/White wine .. I don’t like too many options 🙂

  2. Same here ..

    I don’t know why but for me .. White wine = water with a bit of alcohol .. whereas Red wine looks more like an actual wine ?

    • I enjoyed drinking white wine about 10 yrs ago. However, my tastes have changed and I no longer enjoy white wine. Every once in a while you might catch me drinking a Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio. However, those days are far and few between. One white I will indulge myself with is a Rousanne from Zaca Mesa vineyards. For some reason, I really enjoy that wine. I will have that at least once or twice a year.

  3. So I am not the only reason they still stock Rolling Rock in Las Vegas. For me, if it’s not beer, it’s whiskey. If I have my choice, it’s Booker’s.

    • brian – You are not alone in the Rolling Rock camp! Whiskey is a rare drink for me…..maybe once a year or less. Have been told by more than one person Booker’s is good…..I will give it a try at the next opportunity.

  4. One hint: Hefeweizen never goes with a slice of orange. Ok, you can have it with a slice of lemon. That’s tolerable here in bavaria. But orange is a no go! 🙂

    Kind regards from Bavaria, home of the best beer in the world,

  5. Well…I love a vodka tonic with extra lime if I’m drinking and playing darts…but I also love Paulaner Oktoberfest and Hefeweizen! A good, cold hefeweizen is GREAT and I’ve been enjoying them at Yard House San Antonio lately. 🙂 (During happy hour…)

    I used to live in Bavaria Germany (for 8 years…) and I love and miss it but appreciate the beer!

    Tweetup in Germany!! 😉

  6. Straight Vodka on ice. Grey Goose was my favorite now i have been turned on to IS Vodka…very very very smooth!

  7. I’d go with the Hefeweizen any day. Try a bottle of Julius Echter, and you’ll never go back to anything else (..hold the orange slice though …it’s a beer, not a pina colada!) 🙂

    • gjergji – Julius Echter? I’ve never heard of it. Will keep an eye out for that and give it a try. I like the orange slice though… I’m curious what the origins of the orange slice is. There seems to be a split between people and the orange slice. Anyone know?

  8. When I’m not drinking Mellow, I too drink a bold & beautiful red wine no matter what I’m eating…however I believe life is too short to drink cheap wine!! Fun post to read though…thanks Peter!

    • I will have to keep an eye out for Mellow when I’m out and about. I don’t mind drinking cheap wine, bad wine is another story….but you can find some decent wine for under $10.

  9. I’m so very consistent and predictable…

    Ketel One up with a lime. And occasionally with cranberry.

    Grey Goose for a traditional martini or cosmo.

    And a shot of Kahlua or Irish Cream in my coffee.

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